Pensions Acquired Do Not Touch. Even With Solidarity Contributions. Judgment

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Pensions Acquired Do Not Touch. Even With Solidarity Contributions. Judgment

New victory before the Supreme Court for the old members to the Fund of chartered accountants in the dispute between them for a long time institution on the contribution of solidarity that had been expected at the beginning of the twenty-first century. The judges of legitimacy, with the ruling 532015 filed yesterday, in fact, ruled out the possibility for the case to affect the rights acquired riducendogli allowances through the mechanism of solidarity payments.

According to the judges’ ius superveniens of which law no. 296 of 2006, Art. 1, paragraph 763 (…) can not be invoked in relation to measures which, like the one for which it is due, have engraved on pensions as at the time of their adoption.

For judges of legitimacy, therefore, the salvation of the acts and resolutions already adopted, placed in the law n. 296 of 2006 … unhealthy acts of decreased performance. From here the stop the reduction in benefits through the contribution of solidarity.

The assent of the judges does predict future replication of similar operations, under different names and new justifications, given highlighting the exceptional nature of the measure by the judges of the Consulta. Once again the pact signed with the State tacitly at the time of the period of employment is not met. The right acquired under the old laws which formed at the time the prerequisite for a conscious choice of a career rather than another and connected life plan towards the future, is again evaded.

It ”s time to reaffirm the inevitable perpetual recurrence of the real unresolved basic problems of our country. Some premises are in order

a) Europe and the rating agencies require that the budget deficit is kept within agreed parameters;

b) the critical issues the country must be addressed and resolved;

c) you need a real economic recovery;

d) in cases of particular negative correlation GDP Expenses state machine compensatory parameter (the request for additional resources through the tax department) should equally be of interest and proportional all Italian citizens, and not just a part of them;

and) the bulk of the Italian is already chronically bled with taxes, imposts, excises, solidarity payments, missed equalization and so on, with rhetorical new technical motivations and varied.

The clearing house between the above issues should be identified within the State and not by sector. The terms of solidarity, fairness, proportionality, the exploited, should be reported in the scenario which they deserve that of known but never loose knots concerning the negative aspects of public spending which in addition to the previous pension pension expense reports to split resources quantified and unquantified related the ineffectiveness of the state machine, outlays for real politics, abolition of unnecessary entities, interventions on the subsidiaries and parastatal bodies, elimination of overlapping of responsibilities of the various public offices, resulting in a decrease of the power centers (mostly of veto) and restoring a much lower and closer inevitable pathophysiological share of corruption to that of civilized countries, and even the replacement of the term real time to that currently, unfortunately prevailing, bureaucratic time; alienation or financialization of state property etc, etc, etc).