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Cameras The Different Types

The advent of digital technology has created many problems to budding photographers if in fact it was quite easy to buy an analog model, the same can not be said for a digital camera. Just think of the enormous amount of copies we encounter every time we go into a mall. And I speak not only of different brands or forms, but also to the basic characteristics of each model.

We begin to do then some ‘order, classifying the main cameras on the market, mainly as a function of the framing system and the used film format sewa lcd proyektor semarang. The following list is of course a small smattering and were considered only the most common or popular.

CAMERA A VISION DIRECT (Galilean viewfinder)

This camera features a viewfinder completely independently of optics. The field of view is so different from what we have in the frame (usually the viewfinder above the lens itself) and this can cause problems in the composition (parallax problems). The live image from the Galilean viewfinder is even clearer and sharper than we have in the picture, because the image does not fit through the optics.

The dimensions of this device are usually contained and often are equipped with a fixed lens with no ability to focus and without being able to vary other essential parameters such as white balance, on the obturator changes, on the timing and so on. The classic example, fishing from analog, are the disposable cameras. Ask them if you do not want to spend virtually nothing and you want to just make a few photos as a souvenir.


are quite rare cars lately, indeed extinct with the advent of digital and carry as a matter of history. These machines produce two images in the viewfinder that will overlap when the overlay is perfect then we will have perfect focus (a very precise system, albeit very expensive). The system is called rangefinder and is very important in low light conditions. Normally these machines are also equipped with parallax correction, have interchangeable lenses, and you can act on the shutter curtain, and on the shutter speed.


it is the most common type of absolute camera. In this category fall all the pocket cameras equipped with a photo sensor decidedly smaller than that used in SLR (much smaller). For fixed optics, they are often equipped with zoom also pushed, at the expense of light.

10 Balconies That Will Inspire You To Furnish Yours

As an extension of the home and often as an outdoor environment for spending your free time in the home, the balcony is undoubtedly an important area of ??residence and as such it has to be cared for and done in everything and completely welcoming and practicable. In this book of ideas, through 10 interesting projects, we provide you with some useful and current ideas for decorating your terrace perfectly, depending on your size, style and needs.

White, wood and plants

How to value a small balcony It shows the first project in which white ecrù on furnishings, wood heat in decking and as dividing wall solasbars, and many planks on railings and walls communicate perfection.

Vertical Garden

What better idea of ??a delightful vertical garden to experience the greenery of green even at high altitude in the city If you also add a suspended rocker and some spotlight embedded in the ceiling, the balcony will become the protagonist of the house.

Modern Atmosphere

At sunset or at dawn, day or night, a balcony furnished in a modern style like this, with table, seating, oversized vase and small lanterns, will become a perfect outdoor setting for spending your free time.

An open air lounge

A real daylight in the open air Certainly yes, even in metrature contained. It does not really matter to have an immense balcony to recreate a living environment and a small dining room, indeed. Just perfect space optimization, just like in this wonderful example, and we will have the perfect open air stay.

Minimalism and design

For the ultra-modern apartment, here is a balcony with clean lines and minimal-chic furnishings in which each element is part of an eye-catching and sophisticated design.

The rustic balcony

A rustic terrace is what it takes to enjoy the moments of conviviality and relaxation surrounded by a warm and warm climate. Here, for example, cooked and wood dominate the furnishings of which the fireplace is definitely a strong piece.

A greenhouse in the balcony

No furniture, only plants. Here is another fascinating way to understand the balcony, that is, as a mini greenhouse outdoors where flowers of various nature, climbing and why not, small shrubs, characterize the entire space by making the terrace a real green lung.

Wicker and green

Bringing a rural balcony to the balcony will then be possible by providing wickerwork and a green wall. Indeed, these are the distinctive features that we find in the project proposed by Sandro Kawamura.

9 Small and Simple Bathrooms to Copy Now

Simplicity does not always rival with banality, indeed. More and more often, thanks to the less is more paradigm, unpretentious but well-groomed furniture can give life to unique and full-bodied home environments. Today, we focus on the bathroom, a room that over the years has reinvented itself by losing myths and collecting precious stylistic tips. So let’s look at 9 comfortable bathrooms that can surprise us with a completely accessible grace.

Precious mosaic

How to embellish a simple and small bathroom With a good dose of mosaic, for example. This first example explains it in an impeccable way, choosing to weave from hot and brilliant colors that dynamically complement the wooden surfaces.

Cleanliness and brightness

Minimal and functional, this bathroom is able to warmly welcome those who enter it despite the clean and clean lines, and the light colors. As a detail of style, the lights, which look like incandescent spheres on the mirror and hanging from the ceiling.

Leganza decò

For the most romantic souls, here is a simple but exquisite bathroom the main effects are the material effects, the accessories, the uneven edges of the wonderful washbasin cabinet with legs and the mirror in silver finish.

The shades of stone

Materials are the real protagonists of this elegant bathroom. Simplicity is given by the compact and essential shapes of the furnishings, however, emphasized by the eye-catching shades of natural stone.

From the urban flavor

Urban and industrial echoes enter the next bathroom that opens a dialogue between sober modernity and contemporary and effective decorative choices. All this, in a few meters optimized to perfection.

Look at the tiles

Simple yes, discounted no! Such a bathroom certainly does not go unnoticed furniture and furniture from clean lines are literally lit by a blast of color thanks to pixel mix & match effect tiles.


This delightful modern bathroom points instead to the charm of the scandi featuring a countertop for the washbasin that looks like a real table, tile in light shades and delicate, and white ceramic sanitary.

Decorative resins

The decorative resin is able to make fluid and current a small bath. A material that is very much in vogue, also used by this simple but effective project.

The right accessories

With the right accessories, even the simplest bathroom can become special. Let’s take this example as the last environment in which the essential style combines with a wooden staircase that acts as an object door, a wicker basket, a coordinated set of towels, and some matched decor.

Fruits are a source of fiber, vitamins, minerals and antioxidants good for the body, that is, they are healthy foods, however, not all are low-calorie, so today we will show you fresh fruits with more calories, which should be consumed in moderation, although they are a food with good nutrients for our body.

Fresh Fruits With More Calories

From fruitandveggie We know that the highest concentration of calories is in dehydrated or dried fruits, in this case, we mean fresh fruits with more calories:

  • Fresh coconut: provides 380 kcal per 100 grams, because it has high fat content. It is also a fruit with lots of fiber (9g / 100g) and a good source of potassium.
  • Avocado: contains 233 Kcal per 100 grams, but is a source of healthy fats, vitamin E and potassium.
  • Olive: provides 170 kcal per 100 grams, but is an excellent source of unsaturated fatty acids, potassium, calcium and vitamin E.
  • Banana: provides 95 kcal per 100 grams and contains important nutrients for the body, such as potassium, magnesium and carotene.
  • Grape: provides 70 Kcal per 100 grams, a good source of potassium and antioxidant polyphenols.
  • Fig: provides 65 kcal per 100 grams, is an excellent source of potassium and calcium in the body and provides virtually no fat.
  • Persimmon: has 74 Kcal per 100 grams, is very low in fat and has high water content. In addition, a source of carotenoids and vitamins A and provides, in small amounts, vitamin C.
  • Chirimoya: provides 72 Kcal per 100 grams, but has almost no fat. It is a good source of potassium and B-complex vitamins.

Knowing the fruits with more calories allows us to know that there are healthy foods that we should eat in moderation and at the same time we can refute the idea that grapes and figs are very energetic fruits because, as we can see, it has even fewer calories than persimmon or pomegranate.

Vitamins are essential for maintaining good health. Vitamin E is also one of the important vitamins loaded with antioxidant properties. It is a fat-soluble vitamin that plays an active role in improving your health condition. Not only does it help prevent various health conditions, but it also prevents a variety of skin and hair problems. However, vitamin E is found in several forms, but alpha-tocopherol is the active form found in humans.


Vitamin E acts as a powerful antioxidant and thus prevents the damage caused by free radicals. It boosts immunity and helps protect the heart, kidneys and liver problems related to the liver. In addition, it is much more effective in treating as well as preventing various skin and hair problems. With its antioxidant properties, Vitamin E rejuvenates dull and damaged skin providing a natural glow to the skin. In addition to that vitamin E acts as the main component when it comes to restoring lost shine and strength of hair. Vitamin E can be obtained from natural sources such as fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds all of the vegetable origin, in a natural way.


High Vitamin E Foods

Almonds. Being enriched with vitamin E, almonds are known as an excellent source of this essential vitamin. These fruits or nuts are very popular because of their abundance of health benefits. Almonds provide an adequate amount of vitamin E to the body. The almonds provide 26.2 mg of vitamin E in just 100 grams of serving. Because of their powerful antioxidant properties, almonds play an important role in maintaining heart health while acting to prevent cardiovascular disease. Due to the presence of vitamin E, almonds provide various benefits to the skin as well.

Spinach. Green leafy vegetables are known primarily for their nutritional values. Spinach is also one of the most popular healthy foods filled with essential nutrients. This wonderful green leafy vegetable is a rich source of iron, folic acid, and calcium, but also contains a good amount of vitamin E, which works as an antioxidant and helps to maintain good health effectively. It can be easily added to the daily diet in the form of soup, salad, sandwich or curry.

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Selenium is an essential mineral for good health, and is needed in small amounts. It plays a role in thyroid function and is necessary for proper function of the immune system.

In addition, selenium acts as an antioxidant in the body, in combination with other vitamins, to help protect against disease and certain cancers by preventing damage from free radicals in cells and tissues.

It is important to add selenium-rich foods to a healthy diet plan, which consists of complex carbohydrates, lean proteins and healthy fats to get the greatest health benefits, but it will be vital to consult a health professional before making any dietary changes that may affect health.

Certain nuts and seeds are rich in selenium and concentration levels may vary depending on the soil in which they were grown.

Choose nuts and seeds, preferably organic, which means there are no chemicals or pesticides in your crop. Brazil nuts and sunflower seeds are particularly high in selenium.

Certain types of fish are rich sources of selenium, such as canned tuna in oil and cod cooked or roasted. Fish is also a source of healthy fats and proteins that are essential for the growth and development of muscle mass and the absorption of vitamins, respectively.

Meat products are rich sources of selenium, such as beef, turkey meat and chicken breast. Look for sources of lean meat and avoid fatty cuts, which are a source of healthy fats that clog the arteries.

Eggs are a food rich in nutrients and a rich source of selenium; in addition, eggs have proteins, healthy fats and iron; contains approximately 75 calories, 5 grams of fat, 6 grams of protein and contains no sugar.

Review Xiaomi Redmi Note 3 Pro – Operating System and Graphic Interface

The Xiaomi Redmi Note 3 Pro comes out with Android 5.1.1 Lollipop, with the proprietary Xiaomi graphic interface, the MIUI. The latter is very intuitive and user-friendly, in fact we do not even have the application drawer (Huawei style and iPhone) but at the same time it may be difficult for those who are not familiar with English. In fact, the smartphone does not have the standard Italian language but has English and many other languages. This does not mean, however, that you can not put it there are in fact the European ROMs that allow the insertion of the Italian, in addition to providing the fully translated interface. Some stores sell the terminal with the already installed European ROM (or global translated).

Review Xiaomi Redmi Note 3 Pro – Where to buy it on offer

Question that everyone will be doing where can I buy the Xiaomi Redmi Note 3 Pro The online stores are different, we personally bought it on mitikotec, reliable store, fast shipping, average prices game ppsspp, with good owners, available and patients. We also received a tempered glass film and a transparent TPU case as well as an adapter for the European plug. Other valid shops are grossoshop and GearBest. Below you find some of the best offers on the web to buy the Xiaomi Redmi Note 3 Pro!


It’s really a great phone, I recommend it to those looking for a good battery life without sacrificing performance, but above all to those who want to appear as mentioned, the design is very elegant especially in one of three colors gold. Our overall rating A good 8, if it was not for the camera …

External Hard Drive WD Elements Portable

We are closing the list of the best external harddrive 2015 with an alternative for those who have a good budget and appetizers, those who always want to get the most out of their valuable data, but without exaggeration and in the ‘extreme. A combination of these needs can only be met by WD Elements Portable, from 2TB internal storage. Western Digital, for the variety and the impeccable quality it offers with its products, market laws, and it seemed right to include two of its models in this top. This device comes with a rounded design that alternates the very dark gray of the body, if so we can call it, slightly bowed and raised from the bottom, to the frame black, creating a very original effect; It also suggests the presence of a mid-white LED between the white and the blue, although small is very bright.

The Best Phones For The Elderly TTfone Star

TTfone is a lesser known brand, but still produces very good products. This clamshell model has buttons, written and screen (2 inches) large and very intuitive, even for those with vision problems. E ‘it equipped with a convenient base for charging which also acts as a support (by way of cordless). And on this device we also have the Bluetooth connection to send files, which can also be stored on a micro SD for memory expansion. You will understand therefore that there is also a music player. And there is even on this model the gain button for emergency calls.

cell phones for seniors

This is however the best model TTfone block, which is also equipped with convenient base for cordless charging style teknorus. The buttons and the screen here are even bigger and literally unmistakable. The software-features are useful and numerous we have the Bluetooth connection, FM radio, the ability to make quick calls and flashlight. We report the audio quality of the smartphone that is shrill and clear. We also have the key to the fast SOS and the ability to set as many as 10 shortcuts for quick dialing. The internal memory can also be expanded through a micro SD, and the battery has a much longer life than many other models (240 hours in standby).

The best phones for the elderly Panasonic KX-TU327

This other panasonic model stands out much in the design and build quality. Apart from being very stylish it is also robust and resistant to shocks and falls. If the senior has a hearing aid as Amplifon, there will be no interference problem. Also useful the presence of an external display (since it’s shell) that can display calls, messages and battery charge (which can last up to 5 hours of talk time). Very large, in addition to the keys, especially the screen that is larger than 2 inches (240 x 320). Then there are as many as 3 physical buttons to import speed dials. Finally we also have a feature on this model torch.

The best phones for the elderly LG G350

Finally we have what we call the top model of the range of handsets for the elderly, which is ideal for the more technological grandparents. This LG has very large keys, a compact design and larger display that’s in this guide with less than 3 inches. It has both Bluetooth connectivity to a hotspot to surf the internet connected to a modem.

10 Grills And Outdoor Kitchens That Will Inspire Great Banquet

Do not deny that for us to enjoy a meal, stay with friends, or enjoy a outdoor reading is something wonderful, especially at this time when the summer is in full swing. Therefore, we decided to give you some terrific ideas to outfit your kitchen outside the house, where you can enjoy delicious food and refreshing beverages, without you having to do more back and forth, from inside the house, to take what you need .

So, why not spend a bit ‘of time and some savings to install an outdoor kitchen If this theme will tease and try some ideas, follow us to the discovery of the 10 outdoor kitchens that we have chosen for you.

In the garden rustic style with modern accents

An outdoor kitchen has the structural requirements by having to respect it is important to have a proper ventilation and is provided with exhaust pipes which lead the fumes upwards. Sometimes there is no need to overdo it and you can also settle for a brazier a bit ‘smaller and a work plan. Everything depends on the space available.

What better way to grasp interesting ideas on furniture in shabby-chic style if not visit 27 themed indoor deliciously compounds Take pen and paper and take a dip in the timeless romance of the next interior design, all different and simply fascinating! Pickled wood, neutral tones and sorbet, wicker and effects used will welcome you with open arms enveloping you with their Provencal taste and vintage inspired.

Attention to the roof

If you are lucky enough to have a large patio or terrace, you already have the perfect place to position the kitchen and the outdoor dining! In addition, the patio or veranda favor a more intimate relationship between the outdoor kitchen and plants, thus generating a lot more cool and relaxing atmosphere.

A bright ambente

As is known, white is the color which best enhances the brightness of the environments and is capable of transmitting a sense of pleasant freshness. Then, if the color is accompanied by simple, clean geometries, by some element of reflective steel and large windows, then the result will be like that of this example an environment literally flooded with natural light.

hyper-compact island

Who said that a kitchen island can afford only those with large apartments Qbetto, made by Stellart is a functional and compact model of the island, containing everything you need in a kitchen a removable table top, sink, induction plates, refrigerator, dishwasher, drawers and cabinets. Its dimensions

What To Do In Barcelona With Children 10 Things Not To Be Missed

Travel to Barcelona with the children Barcelona is always a good idea if you are traveling with the whole family.

Perhaps because our little boy has taken his first steps right on the Rambla and on the beach of Barcelloneta, but it has remained right in the heart.

Barcelona enters your blood and steals your soul

The first feeling that comes to you when you arrive in Barcelona is the sense of home best time to visit mexico, which never leaves you.

It will be for the Mediterranean cuisine, the scent of the sea, the relaxation of its rhythms of life, the sunny climate, the colors … even the inhabitants in Barcelona have the feeling of living on holiday!

Colorful, close, fun and cheap here are the 10 things to do in Barcelona with your children.
Gaudi monuments (Parc Güell, Casa Battlò, La Sagrada Familia, La pedrera)

Antonio Gaudì will always remain the genius of Barcelona.

His architectural work led to the creation of some of the city’s most noteworthy monuments the Sagrada Familia (facade), Parc Güell, the Colonia Güell Crypt, Güell Palace, Casa Milà (La Pederera), Casa Batlló, Casa Vicens, are the 7 works of the Catalan artist considered World Heritage by UNESCO.

A master like him will never exist in the world, capable of transforming an architectural building into a fairytale tale.

The soft lines, the use of flowers, animals and fantastic creatures will remind your children of the shapes designed by their imagination.

Magic Fountain

The Magic Fountain of Montjuïc is located in the Plaça d’Espanya in Barcelona.

This show of water, music and lights will leave your children speechless.

In the summer, the Piazza della Fontana Magica fills up with people and you can enjoy the spectacle at the foot of the fountain or at the top of the Palacio Nacional stairway.

The shows are scheduled and vary according to the season so we advise you to check them on the official website of the fountain.

La Rambla

You can start the discovery of Barcelona in the best way with the exploration of La Rambla, the most famous promenade in Spain.

The lively tree-lined street in just over 1 km will take you from Placa de Catalunya to the port.

Jugglers, mimes, street artists, human statues, musicians will entertain young and old.

The confusion, the colors, the perfumes of the stalls will make a walk on the Rambla a unique experience.

Cableway for MontJuic

Arriving at the top of Montjuïc, defined as the green lung of the city, in addition to the wonderful scenery of Barcelona and the port, you will also have the opportunity to see the Castle and play among its cannons.