How To Create Objects Of Design With Wooden Logs, The Most Original Ideas To Try

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How To Create Objects Of Design With Wooden Logs, The Most Original Ideas To Try

How to create objects of design with wood logs here is the most original ideas to try! The strains in raw wood, worked or colored are perfect for creating the design complements to furnish your home. These pieces of wood are mainly used to give life to sitting or resting surfaces. But how to achieve these objects with DIY? Here are some practical tips to decorate the house with wooden logs!

Sometimes a simple design object made with DIY can transform a room or environment, giving light and personality to the home. In particular, the wood is one of the natural materials that most lends itself to DIY jobs, as it is versatile, environmentally friendly, recyclable and can be easily colored or carved. Therefore, fans of green and natural elements, can bring the logs directly in their home to make it even more beautiful. This project is designed especially for those who have experience with woodworking and for all experts of DIY.

The types of wood suitable to achieve these special design objects can be: birch, chestnut, cherry, apple, walnut, beech, poplar. Obviously, the first thing to do is be able to retrieve the logs (you can find them in the woods or in a sawmill, but in the latter case, choose a piece of wood already seasoned). If the piece of wood was obtained from a living tree, you must first let it dry for at least a year in a place to light but not in direct contact with the sun.

Before the woodwork, remember also that the bark should be removed and you have to clean the raw log. For cleaning your wood, you can use the soap mixed with water, with which you will rub the surface of the raw wood. Having done this, we will dry the wood and then will proceed with a natural cleaning with a solution composed of two parts vinegar and one part of linseed oil. Finally, the wood will dry for at least a week.

Once settled strains of raw wood, you can navigate to the actual creation of the design objects for the home: tables, chairs, stools, pots, hangers, lamps, bedside tables and many other accessories. However, if you love the color in the home, you can paint the outside of the block with a water-based paint specifically for wood. The colors to choose from to dye the strains, they can be neutral, light such as gray or white, but can also opt for the most unusual colors, such as gold or silver.