If you need simple cooking, Kitchenaid Slow Cooker KSC700 is better choice to use. It is slow cooker to help you cooking anything. The design is simple with lid, pot, and feet with a shape like cooking pan. Kitchenaid adds few features to enhance its capability. You can see LED display and control at bottom area. The display shows time and error sign. Control panel supports any cooking method you want to use from five options, excluding usual heating.

Kitchenaid Slow Cooker KSC700 consists of several parts with high-grade material. At top, you see glass lid with soft seal and lid handle. Main part is ceramic pot with capacity 7 quartz. At middle part, you see housing handles. At bottom part, there are display, cook control, and rubber feet. Display is for time or clock that will show beginning and ending of cooking period. Ceramic pot has marking to sign capacity level. From display, maximum time is nine hours depends on what cooking option you choose from cook control.

Kitchenaid Slow Cooker KSC700 Review for Proper Utilization
credit: Tourné Cooking

Ceramic pot is the key of this appliance. Manufacturer incorporates condensation technique for cooking. Moist from liquid and ingredient will be kept inside pot then source of steaming and heating. Pot is flared design with rectangular shape. Usually, most pots are oval with smooth curve. It is not efficient when you cook poultry, meat, and chicken. Another part is glass lid at top part. It has seal to keep stable and firm. Most importantly, lid protects appliance from hot temperature from pot. Large handle at top helps to remove lid easily and handles at both sides support your purpose when moving this appliance.

Before using Kitchenaid Slow Cooker KSC700, you have to prepare this appliance. Remove lid and pot carefully then uses damp cloth to remove stain and dust. It is also part of caring procedure. You do not want food to be mixed with unhealthy stuff from outside. It is capable to cook almost anything, but avoid frozen food and liquid. Drastic temperature change is not good situation because require excess energy and heat. You can store food on pot then put inside refrigerator, but wait until food is no longer in cold temperature before ready for heating.

Five options are available on control panel. There are buffet, simmer, low, high, and auto. You need quick cooking and high is good option. Auto is similar to high, but slower than high mode. Simmer is when you want to make stew. Slow is basic mode of this appliance. It is reason why this product is called slow cooker. Choose your setting then starting time will appear on time display. Kitchenaid provides recipe at manual book. You can choose one recipe then starting cooking.

Another to know is the way to keep safety at top priority. During cooking process, it exhaust heat, though not as high as temperature inside pot. You need to pay attention where this appliance is being used. Don not put around unstable surface and tight area such as cabinet. Make sure Kitchenaid Slow Cooker KSC700 has proper cord then use grounded 3 prong when plug into electrical socket.