If you invest in your personal development, rest assured that you will acquire skills that will make you grow professionally.

Be proud to continue your education beyond the traditional school. Learning, studying and investing in yourself does not stop when you become successful; That’s when it actually starts. The sooner you learn that all the tools you need to thrive will come after you leave the confines of educational compliance, the faster you will succeed. Here are six tips that you will not be able to learn in a classroom.

1. A powerful “why.”

Realize that no matter where you are, you can always improve. Are you really giving everything of you? Your possibilities are endless when you find the right reasons. The goal is to create a “why” so strong that it helps you with any challenge, beyond doubts and even your limitations. We are in an economy that welcomes the entrepreneur. It has become easier to discover what your ideal future would be. You just need strong reasons , clear intentions and proper guidance.

2. Focus on your strengths, delegate your weaknesses.

Anyone who tells you to focus on your weaknesses has not experienced the maximum performance. The idols that you and I respect along with all the winners, thrived by deliberately focusing on their strengths. If you are not sure what yours are, ask the people around you.

Of your strengths is where you get results and maybe it’s not what you love. Everyone likes to do things that are good and your creativity will flourish if you love what you do.

3. Habits always inspire triumph.

It takes inspiration to create consistent actions, but your habits are what will define your success or failure. They say that only five percent of people in seminars use what they have learned. Why does that happen? Because inspiration is short-term. It feels good at the time but we do not use it later.

The greatest inspiration of all is to see some progress and results, that comes from the new habits you adopt. When you acquire a new habit, do not abandon it and observe the changes in your life.

4. Mastery vs. information overload.

Mastery is the greatest achievement. The only way to be successful is to become a teacher of the fundamentals and skills needed to achieve your goals and dreams. We have a lot of information available to us, it’s easy to get overwhelmed , when that happens we get distracted.

Instead of reading 50 books this year, he masters and implements three. The immature learner wants to get as much information as possible but they will break up, stress out and not progress. The mature mind deliberates what it must study. The winners focus on listening to something until they adopt it in their daily agenda, this has given results. Jim Collins says “if you have more than three priorities you do not have any”.

5. Real education.

Jim Rohn said “if you work hard in your job you can make a living, but if you work hard on yourself you can make a fortune.” Investing in yourself must be first on your list in order to solidify a great future. Apple said “we should not be criticized for using Chinese workers, the United States has stopped producing people with the skills we need.”

When I say that you must develop, grow and improve your skills , I do not mean the school. Rare but true, school sometimes distracts you from the things that really matter to advance your career and your life. Warren Buffet said “the best education you can have is to invest in yourself, that’s not the same as a university.”

6. Create something significant.

Some companies have a great history or vision. Companies that attract great talent have a greater mission than themselves. I challenge you to start the movement. What can you create that helps other people?

From personal experience, life is much better when you get involved in a movement or cause greater than yourself . While you have strong reasons, there has never been a better time in history to create your ideal life. Understand that the only person you should improve is the one you were yesterday. Discover what you want like omdimas and the kind of person you want to be to achieve your goals.

Does the owner of a business manage their schedules? Being at the head of a brand has become an unattainable utopia …

There are many beliefs about what an entrepreneur is. Apparently, business owners are pigeonholed into a certain stereotype that does not necessarily always coincide with reality. Below, you will find some of the most common myths that are thought about the figure of the entrepreneur:

1. “The entrepreneur has no boss”

This is one of the most deeply rooted and envied myths of those who are employed. Although entrepreneurs do not have a boss that we have to report and we have to “put on a pretty face”, we do have someone to whom we can give an account: The client . This, unlike a boss, does not care what time it is, it does not matter that you have a lot of work and it does not matter if you’re asleep. The customer demands. If you do not comply, no bills, and therefore you do not earn money. The client is much more than our boss; It is our reason to exist as entrepreneurs.

2. “The entrepreneur manages his schedules”

When I was employed and had a schedule, I envied (in a good way) the entrepreneurs. They could be late to the office, leave early or “kill the afternoon”. Today I am an entrepreneur, I can say that my agenda is 100% tied to my clients. Obviously I can manage my schedule more flexibly, but if there is a meeting with a client or you have to deliver or execute a project, those hours are sacred and there are no days off, weekends or vacations that justify not doing the job . The schedules of the entrepreneurs are more flexible schedules, but more demanding.

3. “The entrepreneur can work from anywhere”

Although the technology that we have today allows us mobility most of the time, it is always very important to be close to the client; see it face to face; Visit it and listen to it. Being there with the client is a very important part of business success. Even if your business is 100% online, it is very important that you have physical contact with some of your clients to hear firsthand that they like (and do not like) your product or service, so you can be in an improvement process constant. Always be close to the client, regardless of where we are physically.

4. “The entrepreneur lives less stressed”

In those days, when I worked for a company, I saw the entrepreneurs more smiling, calmer, more … happy; without so much stress On the other hand, according to my perception in those moments, in the company where I worked, stress was “the bread of every day”, as we pursued our goals and quotas every day, with great intensity. Now that I’m an entrepreneur with my company musikji, I put the target numbers and I stress much more not reach them because it depends on the health of the business, and of course, mine. What I learned while being an entrepreneur is to smile most of the time, despite the stress, because I am working on what I like the most.

There are many more myths around entrepreneurial life and the reality is that entrepreneurship is a way of life that gives you the great advantage of creating it yourself, starting from scratch and taking it to the goals and limits that you put yourself. You can have many perceptions or have heard many stories of entrepreneurs, but to really understand what it is to be an entrepreneur, you have to live it. If you have not already done so, this is the moment.

The entrepreneurs are fighting every day against our corporate demons. We are beings that live daily from self-motivation and self-determination. It is very common that the upward slope lasts and lasts for long periods of time and for that reason many times the entrepreneurs lose faith in their project and in themselves. That is why I have developed the seven laws that entrepreneurs should bring with them and remind them every day:

1. Did you fall? Get up!

You already knew that it was not going to be easy to be an entrepreneur. Remember today why you are. You have always known a fighter. No matter how many times you fall; you will always get up, until the day you die. No matter how many failures collections. They are all scars that are helping you to learn and many times can be more valuable, even than a single achievement. In the end, all this will be worth it. I assure.

2. Is not it there? Try it another way

If you have already proven by all possible means that the strategy used to reach your goal is not adequate and is not giving you results, stop it. Make a stop on the road. There is a phrase that says: ” Sometimes it is necessary to reduce the speed to accelerate “. It’s time to do it.

Put a full day in your agenda and on a blank sheet write everything you think has worked and everything you think you do not. This simple analysis will make you think what are the elements of your strategy that are not working and rethink what you can improve; if necessary, start everything from scratch. But the most important thing is that you do not stop trying. Many entrepreneurs achieve success thanks to their perseverance, trying again and again, but not always on the same path.

3. Remember: you are doing what you like most

What is certain is that you are in the right place: Doing what you like most. That, of course, is already a great advantage. If you really want to continue dedicating yourself to what you like the rest of your working life, you need to keep trying. Eventually you will achieve it.

Now, there is always the option to work for someone else, but after being an entrepreneur, would you like to? Better try it one and a thousand times more and dedicate yourself to doing what you like most, for the rest of your life.

4. You are not alone: ‚Äč‚Äčtake advantage of your network of contacts (Networking)

For some reason, entrepreneurs suddenly feel isolated. As if our work depended 100% of ourselves.

It is necessary that you use your network of contacts, starting with your close friends and not so close. I do not mean just to obtain resources; people close to you can contribute to you in many things: opinions, advice, ideas or information that can contribute in a very valuable way to your business. Come out, visit them, talk with them and open up honestly. You will be surprised at the value of your network.

5. If you do not know, learn or advise yourself

Entrepreneurs are self-taught by nature. If you do not know how something is done, fortunately we live in the digital age where we can learn to do practically anything on the net. This will save you a lot of money, although it will involve hours of work extras. The other option is to find someone with whom you can make an exchange of knowledge or also take advantage if you have a friend who is dedicated to that and give you free advice. There will be specific cases where you need something that is very specialized and essential for your business; There will be time to invest.

6. Always be positive and happy

From my point of view, one of the essential requirements of the entrepreneur is to maintain a positive mental state. How is this achieved? First is to be aware that you have to be; Then, look for the positive side of things at all times. In addition to mental self-programming, there are several ways that will help:

Exercise, meditate, listen to music, dedicate time to activities that you enjoy. The secret is not to allow room for negativity to enter your mind, for more worries or problems you have in your business. Take care and do not worry. Be positive, and, therefore, happy in your work.

7. Celebrate the successes

Many humans (including those who undertake) unconsciously tend to give more weight to the negative things that happen to us, than to the positive things that we have. Therefore, it is very important that when we have a success in our project, we celebrate and enjoy the achievement. This will bring us more success, since we will get into a positive mental situation and “the positive calls to the positive”. Celebrate even the smallest achievement!

Hopefully one or several of these seven laws can change or strengthen the state of mind, perspective or faith of many entrepreneurs, and contribute to their success.