All smartphones in the medium and high end of the range cameras have good, almost as good as digital compact. What’s more, the phone is always on, always in your hand and is always ready to upload to your Instagram or Twitter. If you run out of photo ideas, turn selfies that are all the rage. Taking selfies does not mean you simply point your phone yourself and press a button. You’re not Kim Kardashian! More than that and if you keep in mind some tips and ideas, your selfies might as well make the rounds of the Internet, such as a selfie recently caught by a guy at the top of a tall building. Closer to homes such as Sonam Kapoor, Anushka Sharma, Priyanka Chopra, Alia Bhatt and Katrina Kaif post the most amazing self-portraits on Instagram or Twitter. And now a lot of variations came on the scene as belfie, welfie, nailfie, limit! Here are some tips you can keep in mind to take some photos selfie perfect as these Bollywood stars.

Angle is very important

Camera Angle: This means that the angle at which you hold the smartphone in relation to your face or body. It should be parallel to your face horizontally and vertically to photos to have a natural look. Never hold the camera angle below your face level unless aim to achieve a type of special image effects to your nostrils showing. Note that if you hold the phone slightly above the head and angle it slightly down, the effect will be more enjoyable. You can take a selfie raising the camera held as high as you can and put it on the floor. There is no limit to variations.

Head angle: As the phone, you can keep your head at different angles for different effects. The simplest way is to keep the head upright, not turned up or bent. Take sample photos in all three positions. Then consider turning your face at an angle to the camera. The result depends on your type of face. Three quarters sideways view profile and views, plus full headshots are options. Experience with everyone know that gives the best shot.

Lighting angle: This makes a big difference to the picture. If you must shoot outdoors, try to capture selfies in the early morning or evening. Always face the sun or light source and check if the light falls on the camera lens. Watch for shadows across the face and angle to the most pleasant effect of light and shadow. Taking selfies with the reflected light is best to look shadow-less.

A tattoo speaks a lot about your preferences and your personality. When you get a tattoo done on your body, you can choose something from the available templates or you can design something out of your own creativity. Design something yourself is the best option for the simple reason that most reflects your personality and thus becomes closer to his heart. You can spend a little time for yourself to think about who you are and what you like or not. Follow these simple steps on what you need to get your own tattoo design, even if you are a person with zero artistic skills.

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Simple Steps on How to Design your Own Tattoo

1) Think about what you want to display: Spend some time on yourself. Talk to yourself about what you would like to display in your body. Obviously, since it would be something close to your heart, can be an extract of your favorite book, your favorite music, perhaps wordings any large that you follow personality. It can also be a symbol of a sport or anything, any special date or any spiritual writing. Most popular tattoo designs are Chinese alphabets, fire, fish, birds, snakes and many more. Make a list of all the symbols that will be a big list initially. Try to select the most important few and narrow down your choices. You can also read about the most popular symbols tattoo and what they mean.

2) Look for an appropriate design: Once you have zeroed down on a handful of symbols, try maneuvering and beautifying it with added paraphernalia. Say if you chose a bird, you can improve it by decorating your wings or some additional colors.

3) Decide where you want to get a tattoo: Decide on the location or part of the body where you want to get the tattoo done. It matters a lot where the tattoo should be covered. If it is on the nape of his neck, it has to be simple, subtle and yet elegant. If it is in the back, it can be a big problem that covers your whole back. If it is on your wrist, it can be a small symbol, like sun, fire or flower.

4) Take the help of software: Just as you would have taken the help of photo editing sites, sometimes you can try to get a better look for your tattoo, with the help of a tattoo design software.

5) Get an impression: You must be very sure that what you get printed to be the best for you. So get a model of the tattoo has finished by printing it on paper. Looks good on paper, you can be sure that it will look good on you.

6) Prepare for the tattoo to get printed: Find the best Tattoo printer in your city or location. Show him your project and may consult with the designer on how make it more beautiful and attractive. Be happy with the tattoo that you use on your body. It’s a great way to attract attention and make people look at you, of course, a form of courtesy. Be prepared to deal with praise.