Cameras The Different Types

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Cameras The Different Types

The advent of digital technology has created many problems to budding photographers if in fact it was quite easy to buy an analog model, the same can not be said for a digital camera. Just think of the enormous amount of copies we encounter every time we go into a mall. And I speak not only of different brands or forms, but also to the basic characteristics of each model.

We begin to do then some ‘order, classifying the main cameras on the market, mainly as a function of the framing system and the used film format sewa lcd proyektor semarang. The following list is of course a small smattering and were considered only the most common or popular.

CAMERA A VISION DIRECT (Galilean viewfinder)

This camera features a viewfinder completely independently of optics. The field of view is so different from what we have in the frame (usually the viewfinder above the lens itself) and this can cause problems in the composition (parallax problems). The live image from the Galilean viewfinder is even clearer and sharper than we have in the picture, because the image does not fit through the optics.

The dimensions of this device are usually contained and often are equipped with a fixed lens with no ability to focus and without being able to vary other essential parameters such as white balance, on the obturator changes, on the timing and so on. The classic example, fishing from analog, are the disposable cameras. Ask them if you do not want to spend virtually nothing and you want to just make a few photos as a souvenir.


are quite rare cars lately, indeed extinct with the advent of digital and carry as a matter of history. These machines produce two images in the viewfinder that will overlap when the overlay is perfect then we will have perfect focus (a very precise system, albeit very expensive). The system is called rangefinder and is very important in low light conditions. Normally these machines are also equipped with parallax correction, have interchangeable lenses, and you can act on the shutter curtain, and on the shutter speed.


it is the most common type of absolute camera. In this category fall all the pocket cameras equipped with a photo sensor decidedly smaller than that used in SLR (much smaller). For fixed optics, they are often equipped with zoom also pushed, at the expense of light.