Fruits are a source of fiber, vitamins, minerals and antioxidants good for the body, that is, they are healthy foods, however, not all are low-calorie, so today we will show you fresh fruits with more calories, which should be consumed in moderation, although they are a food with good nutrients for our body.

Fresh Fruits With More Calories

From fruitandveggie We know that the highest concentration of calories is in dehydrated or dried fruits, in this case, we mean fresh fruits with more calories:

  • Fresh coconut: provides 380 kcal per 100 grams, because it has high fat content. It is also a fruit with lots of fiber (9g / 100g) and a good source of potassium.
  • Avocado: contains 233 Kcal per 100 grams, but is a source of healthy fats, vitamin E and potassium.
  • Olive: provides 170 kcal per 100 grams, but is an excellent source of unsaturated fatty acids, potassium, calcium and vitamin E.
  • Banana: provides 95 kcal per 100 grams and contains important nutrients for the body, such as potassium, magnesium and carotene.
  • Grape: provides 70 Kcal per 100 grams, a good source of potassium and antioxidant polyphenols.
  • Fig: provides 65 kcal per 100 grams, is an excellent source of potassium and calcium in the body and provides virtually no fat.
  • Persimmon: has 74 Kcal per 100 grams, is very low in fat and has high water content. In addition, a source of carotenoids and vitamins A and provides, in small amounts, vitamin C.
  • Chirimoya: provides 72 Kcal per 100 grams, but has almost no fat. It is a good source of potassium and B-complex vitamins.

Knowing the fruits with more calories allows us to know that there are healthy foods that we should eat in moderation and at the same time we can refute the idea that grapes and figs are very energetic fruits because, as we can see, it has even fewer calories than persimmon or pomegranate.

Vitamins are essential for maintaining good health. Vitamin E is also one of the important vitamins loaded with antioxidant properties. It is a fat-soluble vitamin that plays an active role in improving your health condition. Not only does it help prevent various health conditions, but it also prevents a variety of skin and hair problems. However, vitamin E is found in several forms, but alpha-tocopherol is the active form found in humans.

Vitamin E acts as a powerful antioxidant and thus prevents the damage caused by free radicals. It boosts immunity and helps protect the heart, kidneys and liver problems related to the liver. In addition, it is much more effective in treating as well as preventing various skin and hair problems. With its antioxidant properties, Vitamin E rejuvenates dull and damaged skin providing a natural glow to the skin. In addition to that vitamin E acts as the main component when it comes to restoring lost shine and strength of hair. Vitamin E can be obtained from natural sources such as fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds all of the vegetable origin, in a natural way.


High Vitamin E Foods

Almonds. Being enriched with vitamin E, almonds are known as an excellent source of this essential vitamin. These fruits or nuts are very popular because of their abundance of health benefits. Almonds provide an adequate amount of vitamin E to the body. The almonds provide 26.2 mg of vitamin E in just 100 grams of serving. Because of their powerful antioxidant properties, almonds play an important role in maintaining heart health while acting to prevent cardiovascular disease. Due to the presence of vitamin E, almonds provide various benefits to the skin as well.

Spinach. Green leafy vegetables are known primarily for their nutritional values. Spinach is also one of the most popular healthy foods filled with essential nutrients. This wonderful green leafy vegetable is a rich source of iron, folic acid, and calcium, but also contains a good amount of vitamin E, which works as an antioxidant and helps to maintain good health effectively. It can be easily added to the daily diet in the form of soup, salad, sandwich or curry.

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Selenium is an essential mineral for good health, and is needed in small amounts. It plays a role in thyroid function and is necessary for proper function of the immune system.

In addition, selenium acts as an antioxidant in the body, in combination with other vitamins, to help protect against disease and certain cancers by preventing damage from free radicals in cells and tissues.

It is important to add selenium-rich foods to a healthy diet plan, which consists of complex carbohydrates, lean proteins and healthy fats to get the greatest health benefits, but it will be vital to consult a health professional before making any dietary changes that may affect health.

Certain nuts and seeds are rich in selenium and concentration levels may vary depending on the soil in which they were grown.

Choose nuts and seeds, preferably organic, which means there are no chemicals or pesticides in your crop. Brazil nuts and sunflower seeds are particularly high in selenium.

Certain types of fish are rich sources of selenium, such as canned tuna in oil and cod cooked or roasted. Fish is also a source of healthy fats and proteins that are essential for the growth and development of muscle mass and the absorption of vitamins, respectively.

Meat products are rich sources of selenium, such as beef, turkey meat and chicken breast. Look for sources of lean meat and avoid fatty cuts, which are a source of healthy fats that clog the arteries.

Eggs are a food rich in nutrients and a rich source of selenium; in addition, eggs have proteins, healthy fats and iron; contains approximately 75 calories, 5 grams of fat, 6 grams of protein and contains no sugar.

All smartphones in the medium and high end of the range cameras have good, almost as good as digital compact. What’s more, the phone is always on, always in your hand and is always ready to upload to your Instagram or Twitter. If you run out of photo ideas, turn selfies that are all the rage. Taking selfies does not mean you simply point your phone yourself and press a button. You’re not Kim Kardashian! More than that and if you keep in mind some tips and ideas, your selfies might as well make the rounds of the Internet, such as a selfie recently caught by a guy at the top of a tall building. Closer to homes such as Sonam Kapoor, Anushka Sharma, Priyanka Chopra, Alia Bhatt and Katrina Kaif post the most amazing self-portraits on Instagram or Twitter. And now a lot of variations came on the scene as belfie, welfie, nailfie, limit! Here are some tips you can keep in mind to take some photos selfie perfect as these Bollywood stars.

Angle is very important

Camera Angle: This means that the angle at which you hold the smartphone in relation to your face or body. It should be parallel to your face horizontally and vertically to photos to have a natural look. Never hold the camera angle below your face level unless aim to achieve a type of special image effects to your nostrils showing. Note that if you hold the phone slightly above the head and angle it slightly down, the effect will be more enjoyable. You can take a selfie raising the camera held as high as you can and put it on the floor. There is no limit to variations.

Head angle: As the phone, you can keep your head at different angles for different effects. The simplest way is to keep the head upright, not turned up or bent. Take sample photos in all three positions. Then consider turning your face at an angle to the camera. The result depends on your type of face. Three quarters sideways view profile and views, plus full headshots are options. Experience with everyone know that gives the best shot.

Lighting angle: This makes a big difference to the picture. If you must shoot outdoors, try to capture selfies in the early morning or evening. Always face the sun or light source and check if the light falls on the camera lens. Watch for shadows across the face and angle to the most pleasant effect of light and shadow. Taking selfies with the reflected light is best to look shadow-less.

A tattoo speaks a lot about your preferences and your personality. When you get a tattoo done on your body, you can choose something from the available templates or you can design something out of your own creativity. Design something yourself is the best option for the simple reason that most reflects your personality and thus becomes closer to his heart. You can spend a little time for yourself to think about who you are and what you like or not. Follow these simple steps on what you need to get your own tattoo design, even if you are a person with zero artistic skills.

Source: onetrend

Simple Steps on How to Design your Own Tattoo

1) Think about what you want to display: Spend some time on yourself. Talk to yourself about what you would like to display in your body. Obviously, since it would be something close to your heart, can be an extract of your favorite book, your favorite music, perhaps wordings any large that you follow personality. It can also be a symbol of a sport or anything, any special date or any spiritual writing. Most popular tattoo designs are Chinese alphabets, fire, fish, birds, snakes and many more. Make a list of all the symbols that will be a big list initially. Try to select the most important few and narrow down your choices. You can also read about the most popular symbols tattoo and what they mean.

2) Look for an appropriate design: Once you have zeroed down on a handful of symbols, try maneuvering and beautifying it with added paraphernalia. Say if you chose a bird, you can improve it by decorating your wings or some additional colors.

3) Decide where you want to get a tattoo: Decide on the location or part of the body where you want to get the tattoo done. It matters a lot where the tattoo should be covered. If it is on the nape of his neck, it has to be simple, subtle and yet elegant. If it is in the back, it can be a big problem that covers your whole back. If it is on your wrist, it can be a small symbol, like sun, fire or flower.

4) Take the help of software: Just as you would have taken the help of photo editing sites, sometimes you can try to get a better look for your tattoo, with the help of a tattoo design software.

5) Get an impression: You must be very sure that what you get printed to be the best for you. So get a model of the tattoo has finished by printing it on paper. Looks good on paper, you can be sure that it will look good on you.

6) Prepare for the tattoo to get printed: Find the best Tattoo printer in your city or location. Show him your project and may consult with the designer on how make it more beautiful and attractive. Be happy with the tattoo that you use on your body. It’s a great way to attract attention and make people look at you, of course, a form of courtesy. Be prepared to deal with praise.

In another article, we have already seen What is energy efficiency, how it works and ways to save money, but now we will go further and understand how an energy efficiency project can bring benefits to a condominium, where the consumption of electricity is usually very high and tends to be increasing.

There are different approaches when looking for greater energy efficiency, there being not only one solution to this problem but a set of changes that if combined can result in larger savings at the end of the month for your condo.

6 Steps to carry out an Energy Efficiency Project for your Condominium:

1. Architecture

According to CEPEL, it is considered that a condominium is more energy efficient when it provides the same environmental conditions and uses consuming less energy.

The first step is to ascertain the architectural elements that can contribute to a better result in energy consumption, the main ones are:

  • Coverage: The transfer of heat from the Sun to the interior of the rooms may vary according to the material used, the larger the transfer, the greater the demand for refrigeration. In addition, there are options for thermal insulation of the roof that offers low cost as the application of expanded clay or the execution of a green roof, which has a slightly higher price.
  • Doors and Windows: By controlling the penetration of light and air circulation, these elements can reduce the temperature by soothing the heat of the environment. The use of solar blocking films in conjunction with awnings or Brisas avoids the incidence of direct but not indirect light, therefore they do not require artificial lighting anymore.
  • Walls: the application of materials with good thermal insulation together with a light-colored paint can reduce the absorption of heat by the environment.

2. Changing the lighting

According to INEE (National Institute of Energy Efficiency), an incandescent lamp converts only 8% of the energy consumed in light, warming the rest of the environment undesirably. This rate, however, rises to 32% when it comes to compact fluorescents, that is, it can turn less energy into more light, less heating the environment and requiring less cooling.

Lamps must have the Procel Class A seal and luminaires made of materials that allow maximum reflection of light. Very common in buildings, replacing 40W T12 tubular fluorescent lamps with more efficient luminaires with T5 tubular or tubular LED fluorescent lamps can save up to 35% on electricity consumption

As for LED lighting, a 7W lamp is equivalent to a 60W incandescent, which generates, in the case of an exchange, almost 90% savings. However, when we already have fluorescent lamps, calculations that are not always trivial must be made, taking into account the cost, consumption, and life of each type of lamp to evaluate the exchange.

In addition, the lighting of common areas of a condominium should work through presence sensors and dimmers, so that the lighting is active only when necessary.

Also available in the market, digital lighting controllers take into account the level of natural lighting to efficiently modify the artificial lighting.

For garages, the ideal is that only the corridors are illuminated and not the car boxes, in addition, it is also possible to install presence sensors in these environments.

3. Air conditioning of rooms

Air conditioners can control the temperature humidity, purity, and air distribution in the environments simultaneously. Common in ballrooms and other common areas, the use of inefficient, incorrectly dimensioned and overused appliances leads to a waste of energy.

The under-dimensioning of the air conditioners generates higher costs because there is an excessive consumption of energy and the need for more maintenance due to the wear of parts, since the equipment needs to work more to cool the environment, in case of a sizing than necessary, the devices have higher cost and the energy expenditure is very high.

The correct design of the refrigeration equipment allows the ideal use of the appliance, which according to ANVISA resolution must operate in the range between 23 ° C and 26 ° C in summer and between 20 ° C and 22 ° C in winter. These ranges reduce the temperature difference between the internal and external environment and increase the temperature difference with which the refrigerant is exchanged with room air, increasing the heat exchange along with the reduction of consumption.


Honda was the earth’s biggest automobile manufacturer from Japanese. It’s began manufacturing verity of luxury automobiles since 1959.Honda vehicle sellers are regarded as the biggest car engines manufactures since the organization creating each year of approximately 14 millions car engines. The organization is just about the sixth biggest automobile manufacturer on the planet. If you’re searching to purchase an extravagance vehicle form Honda, then it must approach a reliable and reliable dealer of Honda vehicle. Discovering this type of reliable vehicle dealer is really a complex task though many online vehicle sellers are actually each day online so we might opt for their help. Generally for finding and locating a reliable vehicle dealer for any best financial deal there must consider a lot of things that every vehicle sellers of Honda will be different using the constraints for example incentives, rebates and special deals for every single Honda models. First, Honda was creating promising small to mid sized luxury cars to make use of in line with the clients level of comfort with guaranteeing full fuel efficiency. Following this, Honda has began manufacturing different types of luxury automobiles to satisfy the interest in small cars within the emerging marketplaces.

Honda’s global vehicle production selection includes automobiles in the Fit, Accord, Social, CR-V and Insight towards the Journey, would be the different types compact cars. Even the latest models TL luxury sedan and also the Ridgeline made by Honda tend to be more comfort for any luxury travel with higher fuel efficiency. As you will find various kinds of Honda cars are available for sale it’s suggested to approach a dealer to consider a purchasing decision. You will find numerous Honda sellers to purchase vehicle affordable with meeting your needs for example fuel efficiency, comfortable seating, efficient riding etc. Also if you wish to buy the Honda vehicle parts or add-ons you are able to approach a Honda parts dealer to choose the right quality Honda parts using the best warranty protection within an affordable wholesale rate. There’s also an alternative choice to purchase used Honda auto parts.

Honda Vehicle Dealer

In the Honda parts services. They provide a finest deal on top quality auto parts to correct or replace your Honda vehicle. In the Honda parts sellers you can purchase all of the vehicle parts for example vehicle areas of the body, repair parts, automatic and manual transmissions, service parts, maintenance parts, original hub caps, Steering Pump, Water Pumps, Headgear, OE chrome wheels, wheel covers, Euro lights etc.

Apart from rely on your vehicle purchasing need you can buy pre-owned cars from Honda at reasonable prices. Frequently there’ll get good cars with comfortable front bucket seats, Front/rear outboard adjustable headrests, fold-lower rear seats, sliding padded armrest and telescopic steering column. The cars available in Alberta is thus proven the truth that it is extremely simple for you to buy an extravagance Honda used vehicle with higher fuel efficiency and monitoring records which find most helpful for the existence with the aid of a reliable Honda vehicle dealer.

When Decorating or simply attempting to provide a space in your house a brand new look use artificial plants. You will find some benefits and drawbacks when utilizing artificial foliage and you ought to carefully consider them before buying. Find out more to discover the items people dont think about when selecting between artificials and live plants.

First of all may be the maintenance associated with each, while live plants require a little more, artificial plants will still some maintenance to ensure that they’re searching their finest. Live plants will require watering a couple of occasions each week with respect to the plant and just what climate you are in. Pruning is really a necessary chore to ensure that they’re healthy and vibrant searching and unless of course you’ve got a eco-friendly thumb, unlike me, they might begin to brown and die. Fertilizing and soil treatment methods are necessary when confronted with live plants and when you’ve pets, keeping them from the planters is definitely a duty. Felines like to climb into planters and often eat leaves which may be very unhealthy on their behalf so be cautious for those who have pets on what kinds of plants you retain in your house. For those who have youthful children youll want to understand any dangers live plants might have and you will have to watch the watering cautiously as mold spores can build within the moist grime leading to or triggering allergic reactions for youthful children and older grown ups alike. Over watering is an issue that induce pricey harm to carpet and flooring with stains and water damage and mold to hardwood flooring. Certain vegetation is periodic and can shed leaves or flowers and can only look their finest throughout their blooming season then apply bare the relaxation of times. This can also result in a cleanup at these times therefore if youre focused on live plants take this into account when creating your decision.

House Decor

With artificial plants the constant maintenance involved is a smaller amount however there might be some variations you will need to assess to find out if they are best for you. With artificials you will have to fan them to make sure they are look natural. If you’re buying from the local shop you are able to request them to get it done for you personally and more often than not they’ll be pleased to oblige. A few of the pitfalls of cheap artificial plants is you will find lots of plastic parts that may scream artificial as well as for some greater finish designers this can be a no no. Greater finish artificial plants do not have this issue as youll find they have a tendency to make use of solid wood trunks for that trees together with some natural elements within their designs to provide them probably the most reality. Obviously should you check out the plant close enough you’ll always have the ability to tell fake in the real factor but from the couple of ft back is what you’re opting for. For the way much dust is in your town determines how frequently you will have to clean them. You will find items making it simple to keep clean and maintain your silks such as named Silk’n Splendor. The product is a straightforward spray on and let dry kind of treatment, freeing dust in the foliage together with placing a micro thin coat of silicone in it to provide them their luster back and also to hinder dust from developing later on. An easy squirting once every 3 several weeks approximately will have the desired effect when your plants have established yourself.

You can now understand why so many people are going towards artificial plants instead of live due to the constant maintenance issues and health problems associated with live plants. Keep these options and variations inside your mind the next time you need to choose and you can be certain youre obtaining the right fit for you personally.

When comes up early Americana interior decor, visions of Martha’s Winery, Nantucket, and Cape Cod, spring to mind. It’s possible to even visualize beautiful two and three story historic colonial houses full of gorgeous and costly antiques. This look appears to dominate the senses however, a real interior of the early Americana home has a tendency to be more rustic. The general rule of early Americana interior decor was practically.

Lots of people possess a great interest to attempting to give their very own houses a kind of historic pride when designing their house within an early Americana interior decor. Bear in mind that does not every furniture piece must match and become color coordinate. When giving your house an earlier Americana Interior Decor look, keep things easy and functional for both you and your home. The primary points to consider are furniture, color, flooring, and walls


When searching for furniture, think simple, practical, and lengthy putting on. Good examples of practical pieces include getting good solid tables, chairs, dresser, and beds. Try to choose lengthy and difficult putting on, rather than pretty and delicate. Furniture within this period didn’t lean towards the whimsical and ornate. In ways the pieces fairly plain Jane to look at. Many pieces utilized in early Americana houses, leaned more about the sensible side instead of what looks good. Early Americana furnishings were selected to serve you for a very long time. There is even the satisfaction to have the ability to pass these treasures onto future decades to like and admire.

Interior Decor Tips

Using chairs from period can further your early Americana decor in your house. Don’t even think you have to attend every yard sale and estate purchase in Colonial and remove an unsecured loan to brighten your house. You will find places where one can buy top quality period reproductions, that will work equally well being an authentic period piece.


Think much more of lines of dark red-colored, and also the different hues of yellow, and eco-friendly. Earth tones will also be the most popular theme at the begining of Americana interior decor. The options are unlimited. You are able to move from the pitch-dark of wood towards the lighter shades of honey wheat. Experiment and combine colors. The aim is to try and bring a bit of character inside.


Natural hardwood flooring would be best, no carpet to hide natural great thing about the wood. The options listed here are your decision. You can buy simple pine to beautiful oak. Throw area rugs may be used to provide your home an understanding of the Early Americana home. Use natural materials for example hemp and jute, that will match the colours you’ve selected earlier.


The colours from the walls within an early Americana home are usually around the plain side. The colours usually comprised of whitened, and off whitened. Adding accents for example brick, and wooden beams brings out the design of what you’re attempting to create.

Laguna Beach has lengthy been probably the most lavish and desired places for buying property in California because of its top quality of existence, forever shining sun, and overall brilliant contemporary home designs which make the qualities as alluring and open because the natural splendor from the town.

One that is open, inviting, and modern, you can observe the arty lifestyle celebrated within the types of most of the houses along Laguna Beach which is among a lot of reasons why a lot of creative individuals are attracted towards the region.

Everybody, obviously, already recognizes that Laguna Beach offers lots of surfing, getting a tan, diving, along with other seaside activities, although not everybody understands the artistic atmosphere that surrounds the location inviting creative souls to venture in and explore.

Home In Laguna Beach

It is primarily the same artistic spirit which has taken many creative people, and that’s why property across the beach has ongoing to soar every year even while the relaxation of the usa faces a falling mortgage market and sharp loss of house prices.

To put it simply, the mystical allure of Laguna Beach is simply too challenging for most potential home proprietors to disregard after they set feet around and obtain an idea from the top quality of existence it offers.

Creativeness and art is accepted full heartedly in Laguna Beach from property design to everyday existence with lots of galleries scattered out and about like the Coast Highway galleries.

Actually, there’s even Laguna Beach Art Tourist trail that enables individuals to look within the houses of probably the most prominent artists in the region and visit home galleries and be a part of live art demos.

Obviously, you don’t really should always go ahead and take tour if you’re looking for any the place to find purchase in Laguna Beach like a simple property showing is frequently like viewing a bit of artwork itself because of the clever types of the region.

Outdoors from the art galleries and also the architectural integrity from the area, Laguna Beach also remembers its artistic flair with a number of annual art festivals which help keep your artistic tastes cultured in the area and provide citizens something to anticipate.

Many of these festivals feature the renowned contemporary artists worldwide alongside the most known local artists that live in Laguna Beach supplying a taste of all things set from the canyon skills or even the soothing waves from the shoreline. Popular annual festivals range from the Pageant from the Masters, Saw dust Festival, Festival of Arts, and Art-A-Fair because both versions offer different things that can help celebrate the life-style of the true resident of Laguna Beach both interior and exterior the house.