Camusso: “Taxing The Rich, 5% Families.” That Is, To Those Who Take Away Half 4000 Per Month

Susanna Camusso, CGIL leader, in a riot of flags, in a surge of pride and social justice that is spreading through the square and the crowd … Susanna Camusso from the stage in Piazza San Giovanni says a clear round on how to do it the economic measures, the budget bill. “We tax the rich, five per cent of households. You go there to take the money for the operation, Italy is the only major country that does not have a tax on large estates. ” Applause and congratulations and, at first sight, that you mean to Camusso? Is it not right that the rich (perhaps weep as he wanted no Communist Refoundation) but surely and eventually pay?

Then one, or rather two, indeed hundreds, thousands, or rather everyone should do two small accounts and a little effort of thought and imagination Everyone should, workers, activists, protesters, unionists, journalists … So, the rich, the rich families. The big 20 million households in Italy, five percent is a million families. Here is the numerical strength of the rich according to the arithmetic Camusso. One million rich households, between three and five million Italians really rich. Perhaps, indeed perhaps without a default assessment: the rich are more. Too bad they do not see and do not see, at least to the tax authorities. Too bad the formula Camusso “tax the rich” might become in the hands of those who propose and handling a torture, even a decapitation tax for the wealthy who are not rich.

Some numbers that Camusso should know: those reporting incomes over 150,000 Euros gross per year in Italy are struggling to get to three hundred thousand units. So to put together a million taxpayer-Camusso families that want to tax enough to make them pay the maneuver, one should come down to the lower end of annual income, go down to about 80,000 euro per year values. Only by involving these income groups said you get to a million, to “5 per cent” made in Camusso. Yes, of course, in reality there are few three hundred to have income from EUR 150 up. They are more. But if you are going to map the IRS, if you are to tax returns, to reach the millions of super taxable need to descend to 80,000 euro gross annual income. Camusso knows and the CGIL, its not just her, has always used and wanted and knew how to use only the map false tax returns. So in the CGIL it is a cattocomunismo income which considers sin every income above the three / four thousand net per month.

Pensions Acquired Do Not Touch. Even With Solidarity Contributions. Judgment

New victory before the Supreme Court for the old members to the Fund of chartered accountants in the dispute between them for a long time institution on the contribution of solidarity that had been expected at the beginning of the twenty-first century. The judges of legitimacy, with the ruling 532015 filed yesterday, in fact, ruled out the possibility for the case to affect the rights acquired riducendogli allowances through the mechanism of solidarity payments.

According to the judges’ ius superveniens of which law no. 296 of 2006, Art. 1, paragraph 763 (…) can not be invoked in relation to measures which, like the one for which it is due, have engraved on pensions as at the time of their adoption.

For judges of legitimacy, therefore, the salvation of the acts and resolutions already adopted, placed in the law n. 296 of 2006 … unhealthy acts of decreased performance. From here the stop the reduction in benefits through the contribution of solidarity.

The assent of the judges does predict future replication of similar operations, under different names and new justifications, given highlighting the exceptional nature of the measure by the judges of the Consulta. Once again the pact signed with the State tacitly at the time of the period of employment is not met. The right acquired under the old laws which formed at the time the prerequisite for a conscious choice of a career rather than another and connected life plan towards the future, is again evaded.

It ”s time to reaffirm the inevitable perpetual recurrence of the real unresolved basic problems of our country. Some premises are in order

a) Europe and the rating agencies require that the budget deficit is kept within agreed parameters;

b) the critical issues the country must be addressed and resolved;

c) you need a real economic recovery;

d) in cases of particular negative correlation GDP Expenses state machine compensatory parameter (the request for additional resources through the tax department) should equally be of interest and proportional all Italian citizens, and not just a part of them;

and) the bulk of the Italian is already chronically bled with taxes, imposts, excises, solidarity payments, missed equalization and so on, with rhetorical new technical motivations and varied.

The clearing house between the above issues should be identified within the State and not by sector. The terms of solidarity, fairness, proportionality, the exploited, should be reported in the scenario which they deserve that of known but never loose knots concerning the negative aspects of public spending which in addition to the previous pension pension expense reports to split resources quantified and unquantified related the ineffectiveness of the state machine, outlays for real politics, abolition of unnecessary entities, interventions on the subsidiaries and parastatal bodies, elimination of overlapping of responsibilities of the various public offices, resulting in a decrease of the power centers (mostly of veto) and restoring a much lower and closer inevitable pathophysiological share of corruption to that of civilized countries, and even the replacement of the term real time to that currently, unfortunately prevailing, bureaucratic time; alienation or financialization of state property etc, etc, etc).

How To Create Objects Of Design With Wooden Logs, The Most Original Ideas To Try

How to create objects of design with wood logs here is the most original ideas to try! The strains in raw wood, worked or colored are perfect for creating the design complements to furnish your home. These pieces of wood are mainly used to give life to sitting or resting surfaces. But how to achieve these objects with DIY? Here are some practical tips to decorate the house with wooden logs!

Sometimes a simple design object made with DIY can transform a room or environment, giving light and personality to the home. In particular, the wood is one of the natural materials that most lends itself to DIY jobs, as it is versatile, environmentally friendly, recyclable and can be easily colored or carved. Therefore, fans of green and natural elements, can bring the logs directly in their home to make it even more beautiful. This project is designed especially for those who have experience with woodworking and for all experts of DIY.

The types of wood suitable to achieve these special design objects can be: birch, chestnut, cherry, apple, walnut, beech, poplar. Obviously, the first thing to do is be able to retrieve the logs (you can find them in the woods or in a sawmill, but in the latter case, choose a piece of wood already seasoned). If the piece of wood was obtained from a living tree, you must first let it dry for at least a year in a place to light but not in direct contact with the sun.

Before the woodwork, remember also that the bark should be removed and you have to clean the raw log. For cleaning your wood, you can use the soap mixed with water, with which you will rub the surface of the raw wood. Having done this, we will dry the wood and then will proceed with a natural cleaning with a solution composed of two parts vinegar and one part of linseed oil. Finally, the wood will dry for at least a week.

Once settled strains of raw wood, you can navigate to the actual creation of the design objects for the home: tables, chairs, stools, pots, hangers, lamps, bedside tables and many other accessories. However, if you love the color in the home, you can paint the outside of the block with a water-based paint specifically for wood. The colors to choose from to dye the strains, they can be neutral, light such as gray or white, but can also opt for the most unusual colors, such as gold or silver.

Stacking Images For Editing Photo Tips

In the series of three photographs shown above, the first two have the same subject photographed in a very short time away but focusing in the first case on the head, in the second case on the wings. The Photoshop the photographer has so combined the two photographs obtaining the result shown in the third. As we see, the fly did not move which allowed us to avoid any kind of shake-that would otherwise invalidate the final result.

Obviously there are the precautions to be taken to use this ranking technique:

the use of a heavy stand. It must be heavy.
The use of an aperture of f / 4 is recommended: prevents the diffraction and the shallow depth of field does not interest us.
the use of a shutter remotization
maximum precision and sensitivity in maintaining but changing the focus: you do not move the camera even half a millimeter (from which the first point)
The subject must be stationary, motionless. Otherwise shake-time

After making the shots, you have to go to their work. There are two ways forward: the first is called Photoshop The second is given by a series of free software specially created for this purpose, as the Combine.

Combine on there is very little to say, the software is very intuitive and quick. Once the images are loaded, you may need to help the program to align the photos (usually does an excellent job automatically) after you leave work. Ease of use, however, was affected with the final image quality. We have worked with the JPEG file, and then the final quality that can not be lower than that of origin. This also means having a series of artifacts in the image, artifacts that must be corrected with a more powerful photo editing software: other decay in quality.

The best solution but also the most costly in terms of time and skill, is to use Photoshop. Although the known program has an ad hoc scripts for stacking: try to go to File Menu> Scripts> Load Files into Stack.

The stacking of the images, then, becomes important when we particularly limited focus area, we can not increase it, and we do not want parts of the subject is out of focus: to solve, the photographer takes a series of photographs by changing the focusing point focus “moving” gradually to cover the entire area. The number of photos depends on how long you want to then spend the postproduction: two clicks are sufficient in most cases but for subjects to be printed in very generous in size may not be enough.

Photo Composition – Balance

Composition is not just geometric lines and shapes but it is also a balance. Knowing how to balance and balance objects within a photograph is not particularly trivial, but it greatly helps the human eye (and the brain) in evaluating the framed scene.

An unbalanced image is an image that loads all the weight (hence the subjects) in the same area of ??photography akusewa. Not that this is a mistake of course, especially if we are applying the rule of thirds. An example of photos with a lack of balance is as follows

The subject occupies only the right side, and the picture is completely unbalanced. But beware this photo, unbalanced, respects the rule of thirds when the golden rule.

To decide whether a photo must be balanced and or comply with defined rules is the photographer as it does not always make sense to apply the rule of third parties, the same applies to the balance of a scene. To ensure that objects are balanced means giving harmony to the shot, but is it the harmony we want to provide In a picture where, for example, we want to bring back the speed it makes more sense to unbalanced the picture (with the subject in motion confined in the first or third third), while in a photo (like a landscape) that wants to communicate tranquility and generate a The state of relaxation in the observer equilibrium becomes preponderant.

Balance in a photo does not just mean just uploading a picture of objects balance can also be achieved through the visual line of the subject we’re resuming. Let me give an example with two drawings

The fulcrum indicates the exact half of the photo. The first image is devoid of balance. The second image, as far as the former is concerned, compensates for the lack of balance with the person’s gaze and arm if in our first photo our eye remains on the subject and to the fullest it goes to the right, in the second photo our eye Tends to follow the eye and arm of the subject, moving to the left. In the photo of the above orange, as there is no element that allows us to direct the eye, the balance is not balanced.

Balancing a photo does not mean to make a symmetric photo if we put in the front right of the right-hand photo of the left-hand girl we would still find ourselves in a situation of imbalance this is because, again, we are unable to Composition made to direct our eye correctly and the same composition is devoid of prominent elements.

A Normal House Hiding Big Surprises

Today at 360 ° we show you a single-family house, a beautiful residence in the north of London, a work of the studio of architects NEW IMAGES LTD. To strongly characterize this home is the strong relationship with the context, the strong bond that is created with the garden through the wide openings and the bringing of the living area to the outside. The kitchen, in particular, is strongly connected to the garden.

From the road

The house is the result of a beautiful mix of styles, inside we find a modern and sophisticated connotation, but extremely the building looks quite traditional. The main façade, brick and white plaster, with the classic red roof and warm lights, is familiar and invites you to enter.

The back

While, for obvious reasons of privacy, the facade on the street is quite closed, the one on the garden is open, it has a large window, which creates a strong continuity with this beautiful green space, perfectly groomed. On the paved part we can see a small outdoor living area, a relaxation area for sunny days.

An open space

The kitchen is a strictly modern space where the pure volume of the island stands out, with no element that clings to the cleanliness the drawer openings are in the throat, instead of the handle and the stoves are induced, so the floor is also a Absolutely clean and smooth surface without any emergencies. In the clear space, the darkness stands out, creating a continuity with the back wall – dedicated to storage – through the clear plane.

Eat with style

The plant, consistent with the rear facade, is open, so that it is fully continuous between the various living room environments. The dining room and the kitchen are strongly connected, while the living room is separated by a septum, which however leaves ample room for passage. The table and chairs are of remarkable elegance and the picture, which completes this angle, is enhanced by the white led lights from above.

The living area

In the living room the atmosphere changes slightly because of the change of materials. The septum that separates this environment from the dining and kitchen area and contains the fireplace and a huge tv screen, resumes the coffee table coffee table as well as the color of the sofas. So here are the warm colors of the earth, well balanced by the white ceiling, wall and floor finishes, which maximize the abundant natural light.

Ebook Click Amazon Pays Authors According To Pages Read!

More or less like a pay per click, but in this case the click – that triggers the ‘money’ – is the single page read an ebook the last, interesting news sends staged Amazon, which officially It announced that independent authors, will be paid based on the actual number of pages read by users. Everything will start from July 1.

The new ‘mechanism clicks’ of ebook aims, therefore, to encourage quality content on the platform, but also of substance binary options terpercaya, given that the more volume will be longer and the proceeds may be high. Not only they will be awarded (and paid) more those authors are able to create interest, twists, climax, and less those accustomed to the ‘meat loaf’.

Beware of scoundrels of the largest images to groped double reading Amazon banish fact any tricks to increase the pages of his writings, such as using very large fonts or images.

The authors protagonists of change are only those who publish without a publishing house directly on the Kindle Direct Publishing platform (KDP), affiliate program with which an author can publish his ebook exclusively on Amazon, which in turn provides a set of tools to carry out their own book (format, cover) and distribute it to the author ensuring the same 70% of sales.

This was revealed by a survey conducted by Openeconomics University Tor Vergata, which also explains the motivation the euro and 70 cents paid more is already the final cost, without reloading between net and gross. Not only the increase in use of electronic meal vouchers ’cause’ significant savings for companies issuing the service that will cut paper costs and red tape.

Just that lower costs has prompted many people to choose the online, although there are the shipping time to wait (although even these have really lowered), also because in a time of crisis like this, save money, while at the same safety and quality of performance, can be really vital.

The website also gives you the ability to check in real time the actual quality of the product you’re purchasing, while also among the reviews and opinions among the other people who have already tried the gum that interests us. In this way it is also possible to have increased transparency by the dealer.The KDP system allows you to publish your text in less than 5 minutes and make it available on Amazon within 24 hours

BlackBerry Priv Android And Physical Keyboard To 779 Euros

Lovers of BlackBerry with the physical keyboard but also the speed and operation of Android, be happy with 779 euro you can meet your needs by purchasing the new BlackBerry Priv.
BlackBerry Priv the data-sheet

This is the latest smartphone of Canadian home, equipped with Android the proverbial ‘mythical’ physical full QWERTY keyboard is hidden below the 5.4-inch touchscreen display (resolution of 2560 × 1440 pixels) harga iphone. As for the processor, the choice fell on the chip hexa-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 808.

Blackberry Priv has a camera with a 18 megapixel sensor that allows you to take high quality photos with a resolution of 4898 × 3674 pixels and record video in 4K resolution of the amazing 3840 × 2160 pixels.
Where and how to buy it

BlackBerry is currently available Priv are physically in the United States through AT & T both in stores and online. In Canada are different carriers selling.

Of course you can book on Amazon with a price indicated amounted to EUR 899, but it should be only one reservation the final price should be equal to or lower than the official.

Rabbit dispassionate Priv BlackBerry is a great device but now pay 780 euro is perhaps exaggerated, whereas less than half are found, online, very valid alternative type Honor 7 or LG G4. Clearly, however, the BlackBerry Priv has the qualities and a ‘clase’ that goes beyond the context.

Xiaomi Mi4C has 5-inch full HD display, a Snapdragon processor 808 and a USB Type-C equipped to 3 GB of RAM and 32GB of ROM, is available in 16 and 32 GB of flash memory. The display manufactured by Sharp AUO LG offers a perfect visibility even in strong light. The rear camera is 13mp, the front 5MP and integrates a wide-angle lens from 85 degrees.

The selection of Gearbest refers to a white Xiaomi Mi4C Advanced Edition, with 3GB of RAM and 32GB of memory. The Xiaomi Mi4C, finally, has a 3,080 mAh battery and weighs only 132 grams. The smartphone also supports technology Quick Charge 2.0 and integrates a USB Type-C.

7 Secrets To A More Clean And Tidy Home

Order and cleanliness. This is the combination that we must aim in the life of every day, the one that allows you to always have a great looking apartment. Remember the decor is not everything. Regardless of the design and style of the house, regardless of the furniture, a clean home is of fundamental importance because it is the refuge where you have to be able to find rest and relaxation after a long and tiring days of work or study. It is also good that our guests always retain a good memory of the apartment where they went.

And, in fact, live in total chaos, in a space invaded by objects and dirt, is the last thing you need to body or mind although, quite often happens that the routine and haste does not allow us to treat room in the house as we would like really. In this article you will find a series of tips that we have collected for you hoping they can be helpful in maintaining a state of order and cleanliness in your home.

A sinuous façade like water

When you are in front of a similar example of the facade it is easy to divert attention from the building to float his eyes on the water surface of the pool. But seen in this article we are dealing with only the facades speech, then let’s try for a moment to focus on curved lines that highlight the perimeter of this fine building. Worthy of note are the bright colors used for exterior walls in order to highlight the lines of a house in itself already elegant and the wood used, for example, on the terrace. Okay, now take a look at this great and wonderful pool can also concedercelo!

The back with surprise

To conclude this series of façades that we have proposed, we show a totally unusual facade. It is an interesting fusion of environments that makes the whole structure of the house built in a unique concept. SI has almost the illusion that the interior and exterior of the house is confused because they appear without a clear boundary and well traced by any id levels deep. To further enhance the facade of this house are also the terrace, especially the veranda and pool with outdoor furniture offering a charming corner for rest and tranquility.

Cameras The Different Types

The advent of digital technology has created many problems to budding photographers if in fact it was quite easy to buy an analog model, the same can not be said for a digital camera. Just think of the enormous amount of copies we encounter every time we go into a mall. And I speak not only of different brands or forms, but also to the basic characteristics of each model.

We begin to do then some ‘order, classifying the main cameras on the market, mainly as a function of the framing system and the used film format sewa lcd proyektor semarang. The following list is of course a small smattering and were considered only the most common or popular.

CAMERA A VISION DIRECT (Galilean viewfinder)

This camera features a viewfinder completely independently of optics. The field of view is so different from what we have in the frame (usually the viewfinder above the lens itself) and this can cause problems in the composition (parallax problems). The live image from the Galilean viewfinder is even clearer and sharper than we have in the picture, because the image does not fit through the optics.

The dimensions of this device are usually contained and often are equipped with a fixed lens with no ability to focus and without being able to vary other essential parameters such as white balance, on the obturator changes, on the timing and so on. The classic example, fishing from analog, are the disposable cameras. Ask them if you do not want to spend virtually nothing and you want to just make a few photos as a souvenir.


are quite rare cars lately, indeed extinct with the advent of digital and carry as a matter of history. These machines produce two images in the viewfinder that will overlap when the overlay is perfect then we will have perfect focus (a very precise system, albeit very expensive). The system is called rangefinder and is very important in low light conditions. Normally these machines are also equipped with parallax correction, have interchangeable lenses, and you can act on the shutter curtain, and on the shutter speed.


it is the most common type of absolute camera. In this category fall all the pocket cameras equipped with a photo sensor decidedly smaller than that used in SLR (much smaller). For fixed optics, they are often equipped with zoom also pushed, at the expense of light.