8 Simple Ideas For Your Garden

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8 Simple Ideas For Your Garden

In this Book of Ideas we will see together eight projects fruit of the work of landscape experts who will provide you with the inspiration to design or renovate the garden of your home. Attention to detail, careful selection of plants, but also the ability to administer the most of limited space, are some of the suggestions that you will find in the projects that we propose. Here you go.

A corner for a small garden zen

A small garden can be exploited in any case. Even with the creation of a pleasant zen space as what we see in this image. Marked by an elegant simplicity, with small shrubs and small trees surrounded by white stones, a stone and a vase.

A natural wall

To create a natural wall, with climbing plants inserted in a panel on the wall and vases for small fountains, fat and plant trees, to animate a small outdoor courtyard, which overlooks the living room through the glass windows. In order to bring a tiny green oasis inside the home.

The attention to detail

Around a garden enclosed in the space of a stone. A miniature garden that can be accommodated in a small space, perfect for a small garden, a terrace or balcony. The attention to small details that can make a difference.

The stone to coat the wall

There are many ways to cover the walls of the garden. In this case we see a natural stone cladding, arranged in a geometry that plays on the size and on the thickness of the embossed surfaces to create a very rustic and elegant solution at the same time.

A fire to give character to the garden

An outdoor fireplace is interesting solution to give character to a garden, enriching it so simple great suggestions. The solutions available are many, as the fireplace for horizontal external we see that, both in terms of design and materials.

A romantic solution

unusual solution, what we see in this image a couple of tents with four poster beds for relaxation. Great visual impact that can identify any outdoor environment of the garden.

An outdoor lounge for relaxing

Still the fire in the center of this project. Around the cubic stone fireplace they are arranged two comfortable outdoor sofas, flanked by a green area, with hedges and trees. A perfect little outdoor lounge for relaxation.

Attention to the garden entrance

The entrance, even in the case of the garden, become the calling card, the space that anticipates and incorporates the features of the space that will follow. It therefore deserves special attention, a care that, as in the case we see, know synthesize elegance and simplicity of the character of the entire garden.